Modern Fae Magic

Our new life in Scotland isn’t perfect, but somehow, being surrounded by the bewitching Highlands has kept the memory of our parents alive.

But amongst the looming mountains, lush greenery, and murky lochs, there are hidden mysteries.

Mysteries that may hold the key to both our past—and our future.

And I’m more determined than ever to get to the bottom of the feud between the Duncan and Blackwood clans.

But although things may seem oddly quiet, nothing stays that way when magic is involved.

Especially when someone seems to be searching for whatever my grandfather buried on the land surrounding Duncan House.

Someone who is willing to destroy anything—and anyone—in their way.

Including my sisters and me…

MODERN FAE MAGIC, the second novel in the Hexing in the Highlands series by paranormal women's fiction author Rosalie Hunter.

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