Only Regrets


I thought being the good girl would protect me from the world's pain. But that was a stupid wish. Because no matter how good you are, bad things still happen. It's been a year since my life changed forever. A year since I'd seen him.

Nathan Ross.

The rich boy, NFL star quarterback with a cocky attitude. He's my sister's ex-boyfriend—and the reason she's dead. I hate him. I hate that he's alive and she isn't.  But worse than that, I hate the disgusting attraction I feel for him. Now's he back, recovered, and playing for the same team I'm dancing on. My grief is clearly messing with my head, because my hate keeps building—and turning into something so much more disgusting…


ONLY REGRETS, a standalone dark contemporary sports romance. It's the debut co-release from authors Emery Saint and Vanessa Winters, writing together as Vanessa Saint! READER WARNING: Only Regrets contains dark themes and adult situations.

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