Pain and Pleasure

Book Cover: Pain and Pleasure
Part of the Owned by the Don series:

“With you, pequeña, I prefer Master.”

Once upon a time, my life belonged to me.

Then my mother’s mistake derailed everything and left me his prisoner. The notorious mafia monster himself, El Oscuro.

After everything I’ve been through, everything Dante’s put me through, I should hate him.

But my treacherous body betrays me.

And I’m driven wild with need for him.

His seductive voice.

His unhinged kisses.

His possessive touch.

I’m starving for his love.

But I’m a fool, because love is the only thing he can’t give me.

And as my darkest and deepest desires take me further into his world, and the monster within Dante reveals itself, will I be able to escape this enthralling cage I’ve built around myself, or will I succumb to the fate my father has created for me?

Pain and Pleasure is a dark, modern-day, mafia spin on Beauty and the Beast. This is the second book in the new 'Owned by The Don' Trilogy from author Callie Vincent.

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