Plain as Fae

This far into thirty, I never expected to still be single and living with my parents, and yet, that's precisely where I’ve found myself.

But after their sudden death, my two sisters and I receive one last message from beyond the grave—and our lives change faster than our favorite tea can brew.

Their final request?

Settle the centuries-old conflict between our family, the Duncan's, and the equally powerful Blackwood's.

Did I mention we’re both powerful Fae clans?

Now, we’re selling the family home in the states and moving to the beautiful but deceivingly quiet family farm by the sea on Scotland's Isle of Mull.

The old days are gone, but the ancient magic of our people is as present as ever. And as we stand against the new head of the Blackwood's…he’s more than we bargained for.

More than I bargained for.

And I don’t know whether the powerful magic within me is telling me to trust him—or destroy him.

PLAIN AS FAE, the first novel in the Hexing in the Highlands series by paranormal women's fiction author Rosalie Hunter.

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