Power Play

USA Today Bestselling Author Sophia Henry continues her sizzling Aviators Hockey series with POWER PLAY, hailed as "Another emotional and engaging novel in the series . . . a fresh and original plot in the sports romance arena” by Smut Book Junkie Reviews.

Past experience taught me to keep my distance from muscle-bound, eye-candy like Landon Taylor. While my family’s market is abuzz with excitement every time the minor league hockey player graces us with a visit, I keep a respectful distance from his alluring presence. Or, I did, until he rushes to my side during a moment of crisis without hesitation.

Who knew he was more than hard muscles and a cocky demeanor?

Landon claims he has feelings for me. I’m convinced that’s a line he’s used countless times before. His reputation is as a cool-headed athlete who he hates to lose. As tempted as I am to give in to our magnetic attraction, I can’t help but fear he only wants me because I’m one prize he can’t easily win.

With roaring crowds and an unmatched talent launching his career into the stratosphere, how can I trust what we have will be enough for him? Can I give myself over to the bliss of his strong arms pulling me close, when I know the moment could be fleeting?

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