Pretty Little Prey

Book Cover: Pretty Little Prey
Part of the Ruthless Rivals series:

What kind of crazy bitch falls for her own predator? Apparently, I do…

My sister runs the crew that hates me. And her #1 rule? Destroy Emma by any means necessary.

Years ago, I escaped her world.

But for the next year, we’re forced back into each other’s lives.

And that means he is back in my life.

Dillon James.

Ashleigh’s boyfriend and one of my biggest tormentors.

Not only did he make my high school years a living hell, but he matched Ashleigh’s cruelty, prank for prank.

He’s an arrogant, selfish prick who feeds off the pain he causes.

And I hate him.

Truly, sincerely hate him.

But that hasn’t stopped me from forming a sick, twisted desire for him.

Like I said, I must be a crazy bitch, because who falls for their own predator?

Apparently, I do…

PRETTY LITTLE PREY, the first novel in the Ruthless Rivals trilogy by new adult dark romance author Emery Saint. 

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