Queen of Darkness

Lady Isra has attained her title "Lady Isra of The Dark" as prophesied by "on high" many years ago. Not only that, but Wretchenheart has a new queen. Some might say it was fate. Others would argue it was going to commence because of her taking out Alan Grimsbane. Either way, Lady Isra has become the fearless creature everybody proclaimed her to be which only infuriates the light-bringer Samuel Reynaldi who is furious.

"So she's taken Grimsbane out of the picture eh? Danced with the darkness. Crushed her enemies. She's now ruling a demon dimension with Astrid? An impressive resume for a nineteen-year-old and tell me again why you couldn't stop her?? Bloody useless, the lot of you."

Astrid has taken his rightful place by Lady Isra's side. He and Isra are impenetrable against the light which proves challenging for Samuel. Since he has the vengeful Grimsbane family are demanding to know why Isra was able to take down their wayward son Alan.

But when Isra's true lineage is revealed, conflict emerges between the two famous warring witch families, which puts Samuel on incredibly shaky ground. Fearing he might lose his position as a light-bringer, he's got to play it carefully. Trying to convince a young witch to find the light again wasn't as backbreaking, but now he's got to overthrow one of the greatest sorceresses Wretchenheart has ever known. Or face the consequences, since he was in charge of Isra.

Astrid is a powerful warlock. Together, he and Isra are a force to be reckoned with. Many have neglected to recall that Astrid's humble origins began in darkness. Now he's back by her side, he'll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

So what happens when the plucky light-bringer Samuel haphazardly stumbles upon a plan that is forbidden but could vanquish Lady Isra of the Dark for good? Only one thing is certain. Nothing is set in stone when darkness is at the forefront.

USA Today bestselling author Isra Sravenheart has brought you to the moment where Lady Isra of the Dark has accomplished her greatest feat yet. But with the desperate light-bringer Samuel Reynaldi & the Grimsbanes's battling against her, time will only tell whether she remains the Queen of Darkness.

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