Raising Attabury

Dani Richardson is living the dream. A corporate lawyer pursuing the case that could make her whole career, married to the man of her dreams with a beautiful child to boot, Dani knows this is the life she’s always wanted. What she can’t quite figure out is why she is so desperately, quietly miserable.

When Dani and her husband Eric decide to buy and renovate the old Attabury house in Ridgemount, North Carolina, Dani has no idea that God might have other plans when it comes to her life and her marriage. Will Dani be able to hold it all together long enough to get the impossible project done, or has she finally met her match?

Eric Richardson has built a life for himself and his family to be proud of. Coming up from a family drenched in grief and turmoil, he has painstakingly engineered their way into the good life. But when his wife Dani decides to buy and renovate an old, broken-down house that might as well be demolished and used for kindling, Eric is plunged into a way of life he never knew existed. Now as Dani battles ghosts and shadows old and new, Eric must decide if staying with her is even worth the gut-wrenching ride, or if it’s time to call it quits and admit the life he thought he was building is doomed to failure.
Can God’s love really save a broken, desperate marriage? Find out in “Raising Attabury.”

The fifth and final novel in the epic Grace Series, “Raising Attabury” takes the reader on a decidedly different type of romantic journey that’s less about discovery as it is about rediscovery. This novel, written by USA Today Best Selling Christian novelist, Staci Stallings, explores Christian themes of forgiveness, hurt, healing and hope. It is the story of the every-marriage, the one that’s just going through the motions, trying to stay together and wondering if it’s even worth the effort. In these pages, you will find hope. You will find real life. You will find peace as you read of characters who do not have perfect lives, who make mistakes, and who ultimately experience the life God truly has in store for each of us if we can find the courage to surrender to His plan for our lives.

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