Reflections on Life I

A Collection of Christian & Inspirational Short Stories about Life, Hope, Joy, and Love

In this thought-provoking non fiction Christian book, Reflections on Life, Staci opens her heart and shares with the reader the Anointed words God has given her to write.

Find the power of prayer, faith, hope, and joy found in everyday life as you walk the Christian journey with Jesus at your side. These stories--part devotional - part practical lessons will

compel you to
—look at each challenge in life as an opportunity to observe a miracle

encourage you to
—allow God to transform your ordinary life into an extraordinary one

remind you to
—reflect on your own life experiences and learn from them

Reflections on Life 52 stories of faith, hope, and love. This collection of inspirational short stories is sure to bring the Christian who is looking for a faith boost exactly what he or she is searching for. These Christian short stories are the perfect beginning to any day and the perfect end as well. This will become one of the most inspirational books on your shelf or in your collection of Christian books on Kindle!




Publisher: Staci Stallings

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