Reflections on Life II: Notes From the Journey

Book Cover: Reflections on Life II: Notes From the Journey
Part of the Reflections on Life series:

Need inspiration but too busy for extended reading time? Reflections on Life II is 82 short stories that will open up God's world to you! Lessons from everyday life that will give you a new perspective on what God is doing and can do in your own life.

Here's what readers are saying about the "Reflections on Life" Christian short stories series...

“Staci has planted a seed deep in my soul and has challenged me to grow, love and be myself. There is no doubt about her unending love for Christ. It shows in her words, her actions and in her heart. In a few short months, Staci has opened a whole new world for me. In reading her articles, I can laugh, cry and rejoice because for certain they are real and very much inspiring.”
--Betty Aragon, reader

“Staci Stallings' upbeat articles are the perfect vehicle for enhancing a positive attitude. Reading Staci's articles offers respite and that necessary support and encouragement. Staci makes this world a nicer place to be.”
--Jane Mullikin, Spiritual Sisters, Online Ezine

Reflections on Life II: Notes from the Journey is 83 stories of faith, hope, and love. This collection of inspirational short stories is sure to bring the Christian who is looking for a faith boost exactly what he or she is searching for. These Christian short stories are the perfect beginning to any day and the perfect end as well. This book is sure to become one of the most inspirational books on your shelf or in your collection of Christian books on Kindle!

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