In a world filled with death and danger, my salvation comes in the form of one ruthless mobster ... who sets my blood on fire.

When my twin brother defects from Moscow to play hockey in America, a merciless gang sets their sights on me as part of an extortion plot.

The leader of a rival operation offers to keep me safe…for a price. In exchange for their protection, he wants my body. And as badly as I want to say no, body over life seems like a better deal.

But as I slip deeper into his world, the rival gang’s leader demands more from me. Now he wants the only thing I'm unwilling to give him.

My heart.

If you like blazing-hot chemistry, heart-racing suspense, and gut-wrenching emotion then you’ll love USA Today Bestselling authors Sophia Henry’s gripping mafia series. SAINTS is Book 1 of the Saints and Sinners Duet. The sizzling story concludes in SINNERS.

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