Seaside Sorcery

Book Cover: Seaside Sorcery
Part of the Charmed in Carmel series:

At thirteen years old, a Ouija board told me that I was destined for greatness.

And the sad part? I really believed it.

But twenty-four years later, life is anything but great.

So what’s a girl to do when life gives you lemons? Grab some tequila, a blender, and move to Carmel by The Sea, of course!

But before I can throw on my bikini and flip-flops, I discover that Carmel isn’t just a charming beach town.

No, it’s literally charming and full of magic, mischief, and plenty of hidden secrets.

Including one that may prove destiny has more in store for me than I ever imagined…

Seaside Sorcery is the first book in a New Midlife Women’s Paranormal Fiction Series: Charmed in Carmel from author Rosalie Hunter. Rosalie loves celebrating women of all ages, but especially those a bit more seasoned in life!

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