Seducing Darkness

Isra has come of age at nineteen. Astrid has been banished from Shambre Fell and is destined to remain as a raven for all eternity, but little do the light folk know he's still keeping a close eye on Isra.

Isra meets the enchanting lovable rogue Alan in Immortal Yonder. Alan and Isra have an instant rapport. Alan is deeply attracted to Isra. He's fascinated by her beauty and that sweet innocence and is aware that she's a powerful sorceress, despite what she believes about herself. However, Astrid is watching this blossoming romance from afar. He's concerned for Isra's welfare.

Samuel Reynaldi is trying to put the whole mess behind him since he disarmed Isra, insisting that Astrid and Isra's alliance is dead even he hears of Isra becoming close to troubled warlock Alan Grimsbane. His long-suffering aide James hints that Astrid may not be completely gone for good. "Well, we can't just bury our heads in the sand. Just because Astrid has vamoosed doesn't mean everything is hunky dory."

This provokes a violent outburst from Samuel who insists it is done and to leave it be, “Astrid is gone. He's never coming back. Now let that be an end to it all."

But when Alan cruelly ditches Isra insisting their romance was nothing but a mere infatuation Isra vows revenge and she'll do whatever it takes to get it. Especially since she discovers he's linked to her long-time nemesis Everilda Daughtry which only inflames the existing feud between them.

Astrid faces a tough dilemma. Does he come back to Shambre Fell risking further punishment as Samuel had ordered him to stay away from Isra or does he sit on his perch and do nothing?

Astrid makes it his business to intervene but he's still stuck in his raven form. While he's on his way back to her, Alan Grimsbane mysteriously turns up to Shambre Fell unannounced, letting slip a secret that sends Isra reeling. She's furious. Now she's really tipping over the edge. Can Astrid get to Isra before she wreaks havoc upon the desperate warlock who is now facing her wrath?

USA Today bestselling author Isra Sravenheart takes us back in another riveting instalment of the Dark Spell Series where forbidden love turns into a devastating betrayal. As for the victim being a simpering, lovestruck fool? No chance. She's the Queen.

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