Sin and Seduction

Book Cover: Sin and Seduction
Part of the Owned by the Don series:

El Oscuro.

His name is notorious.

It inspires fear.

I used to fear him too, the ruthless mafia monster.

Then I learned to love him.

But that was before everything changed.

Before he tricked me into marriage.

Before my choices led to a horrible event that I can’t undo.

A grief that will stay with me forever.

Dante. My salvation. My prison keeper.

His seductive voice still gives me goosebumps.

His kisses still taste like honey.

His touch still pushes me over the edge.

But is it enough?

My love for him runs deep.

My fury at him runs ever deeper.

Our bond will be tested.

That much I know.

Will our love win, or will our grief and trials destroy us?

SIN AND SEDUCTION, the final novel in the Owned By the Don trilogy by dark romance author Callie Vincent.

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