Spiritual Wholeness: Breaking Free to the Life You Want To Live

Book Cover: Spiritual Wholeness: Breaking Free to the Life You Want To Live

A challenging look at the deepest parts of the Christian life, bringing together pieces from the works of many different authors and connecting them so they make sense together as part of God’s plan. Explore the two trees in the Garden of Eden, the three wheels of life, the Wheel of Fortune, the map of consciousness, and many more to gain insight into how a life worth living can be yours to live today. Find out how to go deeper in your faith, experiencing God and the energy that is life so that it can change your life from the inside out.

Learn how the Bible gives examples rather than exceptions, how the world gets love all wrong, and how joy and peace are attainable now.

Learn the patterns most people live in, patterns that keep them stuck in yuck, and learn to break free of them.

Finally, learn to value the hidden treasure God has placed in your heart and how it can lead you to finding your purpose in this life.

Get tools to break free from negative patterns of grief, anger, and sadness.

Find out the power of generosity and the secrets to peace.

Go deep into what God may be calling you to do in your life so you don’t miss the dynamic energy He had planned for you to experience here.




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