Romantic Urban Fantasy With a Greek Mythology Twist.....

Paris - Immortal Phi Athanatoi vampire warrior, protecting humans from demons for thousands of years.

He’s had a dreadful night. When booze ceases to work, he decides that a tattoo of the goddess’ name, Tyche, will bring him luck. She throws him an intervention that he can’t avoid.

Vanessa doesn’t know how she ended up with the dangerous blue-eyed creature looking down at her. All she remembers is hitting her head. Things will never be the same as the mysterious night unravels.

TATTOO, a Phi Athanatoi short by romantic urban fantasy author Efthalia. Phi Athanatoi features vampires, werewolves, witches and Greek gods. If you love stories with strong heroines, adrenaline filled drama, prophecies, Greek mythology and immortal warriors then you'll love the Phi Athanatoi. READER WARNING: The Phi Athanatoi series contains adult content, including violence, swearing and steamy sex scenes.

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