The 9-12 Project: A Journey through Healing to Hope

Book Cover: The 9-12 Project: A Journey through Healing to Hope

Nine Christian Values and Twelve Christian Principles arranged in one-day-at-a-time lessons to guide you through a breakthrough in your relationship with God, yourself, others, the community, church, and world. The 9-12 Project creates a simple yet profound look at how to move from mere "belief" to real faith, from survival to hope, from misery to joy in this life. Stop settling for a life of quiet misery and silent hopelessness and find the joy, peace, comfort, love, and grace that are your direct inheritance as a Child of God.

If you're not living the Christian life you've always wanted, this is the book for you. Arranged in ultra-short messages to consider and ponder each day, The 9-12 Project is the perfect guide to finding and living a life of generosity, power, and hope.




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