The Alien King’s Arranged Bride

A widowed Alien King and an arranged bride with a sordid secret…

With Tanishian royals constantly searching for raid brides and Rouge Agents abducting Earth women, one could not afford to lose the standing or title which protected the elite from the Tanishian selection process.

But now of age, I was forced to make a choice. Run off into the night with my ardent, lower-class lover and put everyone I love at risk—or embrace my birthright in high society.

Choosing to sacrifice my dreams for the better of my family, I can only hope for a suitor I might grow to tolerate.

I expect my destiny to be filled with disappointment, pain, and regret.

But fate has other plans…and finding love in another world is one of them.

The Alien King’s Arranged Bride is the second book in the brand new Royal Bride Raids series from author Aurora Storm.  This is a High fantasy SciFi Mates Romance for readers 18+.

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