The Alien King’s Rejected Bride

Reaching twenty-five without experiencing the Royal Bride Raiders was a miracle.

I'd kept my head down and avoided attention, despite my sister and best friend finding themselves selected in seasons past.

Until one day my luck ran out…

Now, I’ve been taken to a distant planet far from my mother and sister to match with an arrogant Alien High King I've never met.

I don’t care if I’m breaking interplanetary laws. I won’t be some baby farm for a self-important alien—no matter how handsome he is.

But I may not have to worry about being chosen as his mate, because I think he hates me—just as much as I hate him.

The Alien King’s Rejected Bride is the first book in the brand new Royal Bride Raids series from author Aurora Storm. This is a High fantasy SciFi Mates Romance for readers 18+.

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