The Easy Way Out

Book Cover: The Easy Way Out
Part of the Friendship series:

Landscape designer, Drew Easton thought he had met the perfect girl in Harmony Jordan, but then Harmony married Drew’s best friend and business partner, Aaron Foster. Trying to pick up the pieces of the failed relationship and go on with life, Drew is not prepared for the twists the road to true love is about to take. Will his heart still be in one piece at the end of this ride?

Charity Jordan has one feeling about her older sister. Hate. Never able to measure up, always second-best, Charity’s life has been driven by one bad mistake after another. When Harmony’s ex begins showing up to landscape her parent’s yard, Charity has no intentions of being his second choice. But when her feelings for him start to change, will she be able to keep herself from once again taking The Easy Way Out…

As the sequel to ETERNITY, THE EASY WAY OUT takes the natural step, going from being one of many great inspirational books all the way into a full-fledged Contemporary Christian Romance. In the course of the novel, it becomes clear that without God at the center of their relationship, these Drew and Charity are, at best, flailing and lost. These are real-to-life characters with flaws and faults, not perfect people with gold stars on their record. Thus, “The Easy Way Out” is a romance that ultimately shows that real love is often not measured in wine and roses.

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