The Forever Kingdom

Book Cover: The Forever Kingdom
Part of the Fall of the Fae series:

The world has fallen into chaos, and things have seemingly gone to hell—except it’s heaven who is against us.

With angels now populating the realms, my people need their Twilight Queen more than ever. But this new responsibility is greater than I could have ever imagined. Good thing I have an arrogant, protective, unrelenting king at my side.

As Kian and I work tirelessly to stop the angel’s control, I know something must be done about the Gods, who believe we fae are the blight on their otherwise perfect creation, humanity. But challenging the gods comes at a steep price. A price that would make death seem like a precious gift.

And if I take a stand—and lose—I’ll be paying for the rest of eternity.

The Forever Kingdom is the Third and Final Book in the ‘Fall of The Fae’ Series, a brand new Dark Fantasy Romance perfect for fans of VS Winter’s ‘Battle for the Dark King’ Series.

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