The Forgotten Queen

Book Cover: The Forgotten Queen
Part of the Fall of the Fae series:

If I thought meddling Necromancers were a major problem, I had no idea what was coming…

Kian, my overbearing, and far-too attractive husband, is doing his best to help me sort through who I really am. And I’m reluctantly taking his help, because he knows (at least a little) more than I do about past lives. But the problem is, it’s forcing us to spend a lot of time together. Time that’s changing how I see him.

How I feel about him.

And I don’t want to feel anything when it comes to the cunning Twilight King.

Worse yet, the Gods have found out about my so-called mother’s treachery, and they’ve closed the rifts to the Fae Realm. Now I’m stranded in the human world and all the while, I’m trying to juggle the idea that I’m not just me anymore, but a whole timeline of Ashlynn’s—and some of them will stop at nothing to get their lives back.

To make matters worse, every time I switch to old me, I can’t keep my eyes or hands off of Kian . . . and he’s been absolutely loving it.

And while I’m busy sorting myself out, Wren and my brothers have been plotting and It’s only a matter of time before they do something stupid.

Something I can’t stop.

Something that could cost me more than I ever imagined…

The Forgotten Queen is the Second Book in the ‘Fall of The Fae’ Series, a brand new Dark Fantasy Romance perfect for fans of VS Winter’s ‘Battle for the Dark King’ Series.

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