The Indigo Reports: The Complete Series

The Entire Space Opera Series in One Set.

Binge read the full story of Bellona and her Ledanians—a small group of tortured misfits with horrific histories, who struggle to hold back the might of two great empires so that all people everywhere can live freely.

THE INDIGO REPORTS, the complete space opera series by award-winning science fiction author Cameron Cooper:

FLYING BLIND, An Indigo Reports Short Story
Caught between two great enemies.

NEW STAR RISING, Indigo Reports Book One
Be careful what you ask an android to do…

BUT NOW I SEE, An Indigo Reports Short Story
A lethal cat and mouse game.

SUNS ECLIPSED, Indigo Reports Book Two
It’s not an impossible mission. It’s an insane one.

WORLDS BEYOND, Indigo Reports Book Three
Peace is balanced upon a knife edge…

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