The Price of Silence

Book Cover: The Price of Silence

Robyn Lockhart liked her simple but predictable life in the small Iowa town she grew up in. But when her mother moves them to the big city, Robyn has no choice but to brave the tumultuous high school she's thrust into. Then, with barely a blink and as an outsider looking in, Robyn begins asking questions that no one seems willing to face. Is it possible to stay silent while simultaneously shouting from the rooftops that something is deadly wrong? And if you shout, beyond those watching every move you make, who will even hear?

Where do you turn when the watching eyes are everywhere? Where do you go when no place is safe? Who do you turn to when saying anything could get someone killed? Who can you trust when "they" could be anyone?

“Read it with the lights ON!”

THE PRICE OF SILENCE is a teen romance novel that focuses on one student’s stand against violence, bullying, and gangs in her school. Although it is a high school romance, the issues and lessons are not limited to teens. Adults can also learn from the story valuable lessons such as how to listen to teens rather than assuming everything is all right and that sweeping dangerous situations under the rug does not fix anything. Further, they can see the pressure teens face when trying to navigate the world between social pressure, bullies, and school administrators. Guns, violence, and bullying are all issues teenagers face sometimes on a daily basis, and The Price of Silence is a cry to help us all learn to help them face these problems with our help and support.




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