The Shield of Agrona

They’re braced for threats from everywhere but between them.

The world’s first modern wizard, Benjamin Magorian, and Dr. Michael Jones have been licking their wounds and recovering from their near-fatal confrontation with the siren, Aurelius, at Pont du Gard, in France. But time is running out to save the fractured world of humans and Old Ones from Aurelius’ scheme to summon the old gods and avoid the destruction the gods would hail down upon every mortal, no matter what their race.

The two bend their talents and expertise to figuring out who Agrona’s shield might have been. Neither of them are braced against threats to their odd, but effective friendship, until Jamie ap Morningside, a lovely fae with deadly secrets, steps between them.

The race to find Agrona’s shield and keep it out of Aurelius’ hands appears to have foundered before it has properly begun…

THE SHIELD OF AGRONA, the third book in the Magorian & Jones series by urban fantasy author Taylen Carver.

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