The Twilight King

Book Cover: The Twilight King
Part of the Fall of the Fae series:

The human world was the last place I wanted to hide, but after my mother, the Queen of the Light Court, wed me off to our mortal enemy, I just wanted out.

My husband, The Twilight King, may be tall, handsome, and everything that would make most females bite their lips—but he’s also holding far too many secrets behind his golden eyes. On top of that, he’s controlling, possessive, and makes me feel things I shouldn’t. Especially not for a man who’s rumored to be more brutal than any other Fae king in existence.

So after our wedding was complete—I vanished—and I’ve been hiding out in the human world ever since.

I thought the Twilight King would forget me and move on, but that’s not his style. Now, the turbulent changes in my powers, and a growing pandemic in Avalon, have brought my husband and I face to face again.

My Kingdom needs me.

My King needs me.

And, whether I like it or not, I can’t ignore what’s happening to my people, because without our combined efforts, there is a good chance that nobody will make it out alive.

The Twilight King is Book One in the ‘Fall of The Fae’ Series, a brand new Dark Fantasy Romance perfect for fans of VS Winter’s ‘Battle for the Dark King’ Series.

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