The Vistaria Affair

VISTARIA HAS FALLEN,  a romantic suspense series by bestselling romance author Tracy Cooper-Posey. The Latin American island nation of Vistaria and its people suffer through a revolution and its ugly aftermath, while the nation’s heroes work to save those they love from the chaos.

This collection includes the complete Vistaria Has Fallen series:

Vistaria Has Fallen, Vistaria Has Fallen Book One
Revolution is coming...

Prisoner of War, Vistaria Has Fallen Book Two
When love means more to you than your own life...

Hostage Crisis, Vistaria Has Fallen Book Three
Hostages of the Insurrectos, both with secrets to keep.

Freedom Fighters, Vistaria Has Fallen Book Four
She has evolved from First Daughter to freedom fighter.

Casualties of War, Vistaria Has Fallen Book Five
He's an action hero. She's an Army Ranger. Who will save whom?

V-Day, Vistaria Has Fallen Book Six
They have known each other and loved each other for years, but they have never met...until now.

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