Theirs is the Kingdom

Book Cover: Theirs is the Kingdom
Part of the Living in the Light Bible Studies series:

Why does everything feel so hard? Why do accomplishments and awards feel so empty so quickly? Why does it feel like you are constantly running after rainbows that you never catch or when you do, they don't satisfy like you thought they would?

In this amazing Bible Study, you will learn why being poor in spirit allows you to finally relax into what God is doing in your life. You will let go of chasing rainbows and start seeing them everywhere. Stop existing... Start living!

LIVING IN THE LIGHT BIBLE STUDIES presents this Bible study guide focusing on the first beatitude, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of God.” A Bible study for women and men alike, Theirs is the Kingdom will teach you the difference between living with God as your one and only source vs. using Him only as a resource. It will challenge you to reorient your view of faith and life and will almost certainly earn a spot on your most inspirational books list.


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