Book Cover: Twisted
Part of the Beautiful Tyrants series:

Before this all began, I knew the risks. Knew what it could cost me. And I thought I was ready to pay up…but I'm not. Not yet at least.

The more I remember David, the more I realize what a monster he truly is. He isn't just intending to continue our father's ring of corruption at Lineage Academy. No, he's going to make it worse. Much, much worse. And the only way to stop him, is to make a deal with the devil.

Now, I'm pulled even deeper into this world of drug-infused masquerade parties and seductive games with deadly stakes. To break free, I'll have to accept a few hard-to-swallow truths, and tell a few lies of my own. Lies that someone else will pay for. Just when I think my struggles are finally over, she shows up—a hauntingly familiar face from my past—who's coming after everything I hold dear.

If I want to save the men I love, and right the wrongs in my life, I'll have to become even more twisted than ever before…

TWISTED, the second novel in the Beautiful Tyrants series by dark romance author Vanessa Saint. 

READER WARNING: Beautiful Tyrants is a dark bully romance series intended for readers 18+. Each book in the series contains dark themes, including abuse, violence, suicide, and sexual relationships that some readers might be uncomfortable with.

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