Carson Connors heads out on one last, minor hunt before retiring forever to raise his daughter, Riley, but as Tally goes into labor, tragedy strikes.  The hunt for the last two surviving gargoyles—the strongest and smartest of the Stonebrood clan—warps life and love, straining even Nick and Damian’s four century long relationship, in ways that no one could possibly anticipate.

Unbearable is an emotion-charged part of the Stonebrood Saga, revealing the tragic events of Riley’s early childhood.

UNBEARABLE, a Stonebrood Saga short story by bestselling paranormal romance author Tracy Cooper-Posey. Stonebrood Saga is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance series featuring demon hunters, vampires, gargoyles, and scorching on-the-page heat. If you're bothered by explicit sex scenes and frank sexual language, this may not be the series for you. 

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