Vistaria Has Fallen


Calli Munro, American professor, is arrested the moment she arrives on the island nation of Vistaria. The mysterious man known as the Red Leopard, Nicolas Escobedo, helps her. Brother to the President of Vistaria, Nick moves behind the scenes, influencing Vistaria’s army and the military junta that governs the country.

The power of the rebel Insurrectos is growing, as isolationist Vistaria spins toward revolution. Only a tiny nudge will tumble the country into the abyss of war. Nick’s liaison with Calli, a hated Americano, is that nudge.

Nick is dangerous to be with, but Calli’s heart and soul say otherwise. If they give in to their desires, a whole country will fall.

VISTARIA HAS FALLEN, the first novel in the Vistaria Has Fallen series by romantic suspense author Tracy Cooper-Posey.

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