What Happened in London

Book Cover: What Happened in London
Part of the DI Adams series:
  • What Happened in London

Baton. Light. Chocolate. Duck.

This is not DS Adams’ usual kit. This is not DS Adams’ usual case. She doesn’t think it’s anyone’s usual case, not with the vanishing children and the looming bridge and the hungry river. Not with the snap-snap-snap.

But six kids are missing, and she’s not going to let there be a seventh. Not on her watch. And she knows how to handle human monsters, after all. How different can this really be?

So: Baton. Light. Chocolate. And the bloody duck.

Let’s be having you, then.

What Happened in London is the story of how not-yet-DI Adams came to Toot Hansell, the village at the centre of the Beaufort Scales cozy mysteries. It is not, however, a cozy mystery. Urban fantasy with a good dose of humour, snark, and ducks, this is the story of one detective who's determined to follow the evidence wherever it takes her, even when it contradicts everything she knows to be real.

For Beaufort readers, this is a much darker story. There is some violence, but none of it graphic, and there is no strong language, although there is some blasphemy.

And the snap-snap-snap ...

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