Wicked Dynasty

Book Cover: Wicked Dynasty
Part of the The Untouchables series:

We thought we were careful.

We were wrong.

Now, our filthy little secret is out there in the world, just waiting for the right moment to be exposed. Not that my mom, the Vice President, plans on letting that happen.

She’s in major damage control mode, and with Dakota and Declan banished thousands of miles away from me, my mom intends to right my wrongs….whether I want her to, or not.

To make matters worse, there’s him—Kylan Klous, renowned PR Rep extraordinaire. He’s here to clean up my potential mess, and he’s a total pain in my a*s.

It would be easier to hate him if I wasn’t so drawn to him.

And as Kylan digs deeper into my life and discovers my sexual appetites, staying away becomes almost impossible. But I can’t lose Declan or Dakota either.

I want them. All of them.

But someone else wants me.

Someone cruel and vile…and they won’t give up until I’m theirs.

Wicked Dynasty is the second book in the dark reverse harem romance series, The Untouchables, from author Callie Vincent. This book contains dark themes and is intended for readers 18+.

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