Wicked Lightbringer

Book Cover: Wicked Lightbringer
Part of the Wickedly Good Souls series:

Fifty years ago a witch named Evanora Passe caught the attention of our famous light-bringer Samuel Reynaldi. I, Astrid, was her raven and I was charged with guiding her. As you will soon learn it wasn't just Lady Isra of the Dark that had incurred his wrath.

Evanora Feltstone has just come of age at sixteen and is sent off to Wingdom's Academy to learn her craft. Astrid the Raven is assigned to her and while things are rocky. Astrid finds Evanora to be spoilt and tells her things are going to be different now.

“Look here, young lady. I appreciate you've never had anyone boss you around before because everyone has always waited on you hand and foot on you but let me tell you missy that's all going to change. You're in for a rough ride if you don't straighten yourself out girl.”

Evanora is reluctant to comply at first but then tragedy strikes which leads her to catch the attention of local light-bringer Samuel Reynaldi. The light-bringers are deemed to bring witches back into the good graces of the light who stray from their path going towards darkness.

After Evanora receives more unpleasant news she seeks refuge in the wasteland Glamvein only to awaken the mystical entity within the mountain peak where she meets Leonard Passe for the very first time. Evanora has not only awakened the magics but also imbued them within herself and when she's unable to control the dark forces inside her, she lashes out taking the life of an innocent. And now Samuel Reynaldi sees her as his to take. He's intending to make her pay for her crimes against the light however Samuel tries to reason with Evanora first insisting there is another way.

“Oh but Evanora it's not as simple as that. The light has you in its sights because you are foretold to be a major player in the darkness. That is something that I, the light-bringer cannot ignore. Even if I wanted to.”

Evanora rebuffs Samuel dismissing his pleas so he tells her matter of factly what will happen if she strays too far. “Well the tricky dilemma we have here is whether you'll falter or ascend to something greater. If darkness is deemed to befall you then you can rest assured I'll be the one that drags you back down to earth. After all it is my job.”

Evanora then disappears from the land. Samuel cannot fathom where she has absconded to but then he discovers the truth. Evanora has married Leonard Passe and had a child with him and they are living in Wretchenheart but Evanora has made herself an enemy in the form of Zelena Grimsbane, a witch who desperately wants her son to wed Evanora's child so when Evanora snubs Zelena; it is Zelena who goes snooping around in Evanora's unmentionables and discovers she's on the run from the light-bringer.

Samuel cannot believe his luck when Zelena promises to deliver him Evanora Passe but Samuel Reynaldi doesn't make deals with witches. Will he make an exception this time and be known as the wicked light bringer?

USA Today bestselling author Isra Sravenheart tells the story of the young witch who found herself caught up in the heinous web of the cruel and passionate light-bringer who will do anything to ensure he succeeds in dragging those back to the light. Even if it means bringing them to their doom.

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