Wolf’s Forced Marriage

Book Cover: Wolf's Forced Marriage
Part of the Mafia Shifters series:

I thought being forced to marry the son of a powerful crime boss was the worst thing that could happen to me…

I was wrong.

Because it’s my wedding night, and my new groom isn’t just the heir to a mafia throne, he’s also a fierce werewolf….

It doesn’t matter that Carson is absolutely beautiful, or that my body responds to him like a song every time I see him; I refuse to be a pawn in someone else's game.

But I better hold onto my heart tightly, because this gorgeous wolf-man, is used to taking what he wants…

and If I’m not careful he’ll take my heart along with my flesh.

Wolf’s Forced Marriage is the intro novella in The brand new Mafia Shifters Series from author Aurora Storm.

This is a High Heat Shifter Mates Mafia Romance for readers 18+.

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