Demi-god Carissa Alkippes has fought her equal share of demons and Olympian gods, when one battle ends another begins. Only this one may destroy the thin veil between supernatural creatures, gods and humans. To make things worse Zeus offers her a ‘get in and out of Olympus’ card, which paints a dangerous target on her back. Now she must get a handle on her power.  

With new enemies hunting her down, Carissa must use everything she knows to protect those she loves from being collateral damage. 

Xen Lyson, has seen much in his immortal life and walking Carissa down the aisle is at the top of his vampire list, but when an ancient libation bowl turns up, so does Discord and Death. 

Now they have fight not only to protect humanity, but themselves too. Will they defeat their enemies in time to tie-the-knot?

Phi Athanatoi

Paranormal Romance

May 28, 2022

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