When fifteen-year-old Denzel Payton is charged with the murder of a disabled veteran at a homeless camp, he’s trapped in a no-win situation: remain silent and risk almost certain conviction, or name the real killer and face the wrath of a monster who terrifies him.

After Denzel’s attorney is murdered, lawyers Tony Valenti and Penelope Brooks step up to defend him, even though this could make them the killer’s next targets.  As the evidence against their client mounts and potential defense witnesses vanish, Tony and Penelope race to unravel a dark secret that may hold the key to the case. They’ll need smarts, guts, and a little luck to save Denzel.
SCARED SILENT, the next Tony Valenti Thriller novel by suspense author Neil Turner.

Tony Valenti Thrillers

Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

April 27, 2022

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