Executioner Book One

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance


November 14, 2020

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When Jamie Hayes left home in a heartbroken rage, she had no plan, no money, and nowhere to go. Meeting Marcel Cross, a werewolf alpha, and Kade Walker, the head of a vampire coven, changed all of that. Now she’s got a new life, complete with a job as the first Executioner in the New York chapter of the Executioners Guild. Her mission is to take out as many demons as she can and keep the supernatural bad seeds in line while she’s at it.

The police are searching for a serial rapist in the area, one with a penchant for beautiful young blondes and a habit of leaving no survivors. When a female vamp from the Walker coven disappears, the Guild gets involved, and Jamie’s first assignment is to track Jacqueline down and bring her home safe before she ends up like the others.

The hunt is on. If Jamie’s not careful, she could wind up becoming the next prey.

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