Hellfire Book Three

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance


February 20, 2021

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Demon hunting sucks. Dez and Vegas decide to take some time off to be normal for a while and quickly fall into their old routine, spending their evenings together at Onyx. Aside from a few unexpected developments with her magic, things are beginning to look like business as usual for the demon-witch hybrid and her vampire boyfriend.

A rash of mysterious deaths rock their neighborhood, all apparent heroin overdoses, and the NYPD suspects someone at Onyx is the source. Believing a new supernatural drug being peddled by werewolves is in fact the culprit, Vegas and Kade get involved in the investigation before the human police bite off more than they can chew.

Not everything is as it seems and Dez suspects there’s an unseen killer on the loose. With little more than a gut feeling as proof, she launches an investigation of her own in a race to find the killer before any more bodies turn up on her doorstep.

DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, the third full-length novel in the Hellfire series by supernatural suspense author Jena Gregoire.

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