Mail Order Brides of Crakair

Science Fiction
Alien Romance


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He’s a coarse Vikir warrior. She’s a proper librarian. Can an Earthling woman and a green-scaled alien find love together in the stars?

After being kidnapped by blue-skinned aliens, Taylor escapes, bailing from the space station in a shuttle she has no clue how to drive. She crash lands on a nearby planet made up mostly of jungle. If she can find a way off the planet, she’s determined to return to Earth. Until Wulf, her Crakairian “mate” comes to the rescue. He says he won’t fight her if she wants to return home, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to change her mind. He’s gruff and scaly and much too tempting. And his kisses? If she could keep her hands off him, she might be able to think straight. But with jungle creatures trying to eat them, going home might not be an option.

As head of his Vikir clan’s warrior school, Wulf is scarred and unrefined, the exact opposite of his sweet female mate who speaks in a sophisticated manner and loves books. When she insists she wants to return to Earth, he decides to show her what she’ll be missing, even if he can only do this in a rough and bumbling way. But with jungle creatures hunting them, their biggest challenge will be escaping the planet.

Wulf is Book 5 in the Mail-Order Brides of Crakair Series. This standalone, full-length story has on-the-page heat, aliens who look and act alien, a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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