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Are you looking for ways to grow your newsletter audience? BookMojo is organizing a series of 90-day genre-themed promotions which combines a free anthology for readers (to collect subscribers), a dedicated Bookfunnel newsletter builder event with featured placement for the anthology (to push reader downloads/subscriptions), and lots of newsletter, blog, and social media sharing throughout the duration. With each promotion, participating authors will receive weekly subscriber exports to add to their mailing list database instead of having to wait until the end. 

Immerse yourself in the dark side of the supernatural world with this collection of paranormal stories dedicated to the shapeshifting creatures we love. Experience the majesty and fury of a fire breathing dragon, stalk the city streets at midnight with panthers, or run wild with magic under the full moon with werewolves.

SOULMATES WITH THE MOONLIGHT, an action-packed paranormal fantasy and paranormal romance collection in the BookMojo anthology series featuring fur, claws, and fangs from some of today’s best urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors.

Paranormal fantasy or paranormal romance starring shifters as the primary theme.
Genre Clarification: This anthology is not for paranormal horror or paranormal suspense.

Story Deadline:
January 15, 2023

Anthology Live Date:
February 1, 2023

Anthology Last Day:
April 30, 2023

Participating Authors:
🖤 Demelza Carlton
🖤 Jena Gregoire
🖤 Kate Rudolph
🖤 More Names Coming Soon!

Additional Promotion
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Registration fees are nonrefundable. See below for additional details regarding refunds, the mechanics of the promotion, planned BookMojo sharing, and results from past newsletter builder promotions. Registration constitutes agreement to the terms outlined below.

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Are you looking for ways to grow your newsletter audience? BookMojo is organizing a series of 90-day genre-themed promotions which combines a free anthology for readers (to collect subscribers), a dedicated Bookfunnel newsletter builder event with featured placement for the anthology (to push reader downloads/subscriptions), and lots of newsletter, blog, and social media sharing throughout the duration. With each promotion, participating authors will receive weekly subscriber exports to add to their mailing list database instead of having to wait until the end. 


✔  The anthology will not be available on retail websites.
The whole promotion is anchored by the anthology, which will be hosted on BookMojo’s Bookfunnel account. Readers will enter their email address to obtain their copy of the anthology (agreeing to be subscribed to the newsletters belonging to the participating authors), at which point they can either download the anthology file or they can read it in the free Bookfunnel reader app (this is the option we will be highlighting during the promotional push for the anthology). 

✔  The anthology will be available for approximately 90-days.
Each anthology will run for three full months, and depending on the number of days per month, the 90-days could be over or under by a few days. Your Permission to Distribute form will have your anthology’s exact time frame spelled out. Each anthology will end on the last day of the third month at 11:59pm EST. 

✔  Participating authors retain all rights to their story.
BookMojo is not obtaining rights to anyone’s story. Upon purchase of your registration, you will receive an email with a download link for a pre-drafted ‘Permission to Distribute’ statement. All participating authors are required to sign and return this agreement to before the anthology goes live. Failure to do so will result in your story being left out of the anthology until the signed agreement has been obtained. All subscribers missed due to the delay are forfeit. The Permission to Distribute statement clearly outlines that you retain the rights to your story and that BookMojo has permission to distribute your story in the anthology only and it outlines the date window for that distribution. Your story will have its own copyright page within the anthology after your story’s title page and before the story begins. You will be asked for the copyright information before submission. 

✔  The anthology covers and the rights to them belong to BookMojo.
The covers may not be altered in any way. BookMojo will supply all participating authors with whatever promotional graphics are needed. If they’re not already available in the materials folder, additional graphics can be created upon request. 

✔  The formatting for the anthology will be provided by BookMojo.
The anthology will have a custom interior with stylized title pages for each story, and the chapter headings and ornamental dividers matched to the branding of the anthology. 

✔  Registration fees are non-refundable.
The deadlines, terms, and expectation of the audience builder anthologies are laid out on the registration page and available to read through prior to author registration purchase. Should you have any questions about what is expected, please proceed to the Contact page prior to registering for the promotion. Registration fees are used to pay for the time it takes to organize, produce, and manage the audience builder promotion. BookMojo will be purchasing some advertising to help push the effort but it will be at our discretion and not up for debate. That being said, all purchased advertising will be laid out on a shared spreadsheet where all promotion (paid and free) of the anthology will be tracked and available 24/7 for transparency. 

✔  Registrations are limited and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.
Once an anthology’s registration maximum has been met, the registration will show as out of stock on the BookMojo website. We’re limiting the number of spaces in the anthology to make it more exclusive for readers. There will be future anthology editions so if you don’t catch the one you want this time around, it will be returning. 

✔  BookMojo will be running a full promotional push for the duration of the anthology’s shelf life.
As part of the anthology organization and management, Book Mojo will be sharing the anthology throughout the entire three month duration in an effort to steer as many readers as possible toward the download page and your fabulous stories. The anthology will be featured on the BookMojo social media, the BookMojo blog, and blogs belonging to our author clients (only those associated with the genre). It will also be featured at the bottom of every matching genre issue of the BookMojo daily reader newsletter for the duration. A share request will be sent to our BookMojo Street Team mailing list once per month for the duration of the promotion.

✔  Subscriber exports will be sent as a CSV file on a semi-weekly basis.
We run the subscriber exports each Friday, the file is supplied as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. This file is exported directly from Bookfunnel and contains the reader’s name, email address, country, IP address, and timestamp of their subscription. The frequency of exports may vary by a day or two depending on our schedule and/or the number of subscribers collected since the previous export.


✔  Your story must be a minimum of 5,000 words in length.
This word count cannot include your front and back matter. 

✔  Stories have a soft limit of 40,000 words in length.
We use the term soft limit because going over 40,000 words will not result in your exclusion from the anthology. However, please don’t aim to blow that limit away. The anthology is meant to give readers a taste of your  

✔  Your story must be a complete story.
Series tie-ins are welcomed and encouraged but no floating scenes, excerpts, extracts, or samplers. Your story must be a whole story with a beginning, middle, and end. However, that end can leave off in a way that leads the reader into your world. 

✔  Your story must be appropriate for the genre and heat level of the anthology, and is subject to review for suitability.
The genres we choose for our anthologies are plainly spelled out so please don’t get cute with genre interpretations. For example, if we launch a historical fiction anthology and your story features time travel where the character is transported to the past, your story is fantasy or science fiction as time travel isn’t real (not yet, anyway). Each anthology’s genre is explained in detail so as to avoid any confusion. Again, as an example, historical fiction is defined as any story which takes place in our real world set in a time prior to the end of World War II. Anything set after the end of WWII is considered modern era and is therefore contemporary fiction. If you are unsure of your genre placement, please visit the Contact page to ask prior to registering for the anthology. 

✔  Your story must be professionally edited prior to final submission.
Jena here. I’m the owner of BookMojo, and I’m also a writer. What I am not is an editor. I pay someone very talented to make my messy manuscripts shine (shout out to Modern Elektra Editing!). If your story is going into a BookMojo anthology, I want to ensure that readers are being presented with your best work so it must be edited prior to your submission to BookMojo. If we receive a story that is riddled with obvious errors, it will be returned to the author to have it edited. If this cuts into your 90-day anthology window, it can impact the number of subscribers you walk away with, and as a reminder, registration fees are non-refundable. If you are in need of an editor, BookMojo has a directory page of editors for you to choose from. We’re not affiliated with them and don’t make any money from it if you take your business there. Our directory is simply a tool for those in need of a service we don’t provide. If you aren’t feeling any of the editors we have listed, one post on Facebook to your author friends for recommendations will get you names of the editors they trust.

✔  Your story must be submitted as a docx file.
This is so we can copy/paste your story without losing things like italics and line returns. 

✔  All participating authors are expected to share the anthology with their readers.
All participating authors are required to share the download page and/or Bookfunnel event (which includes the anthology locked at the top of the landing page) at least twice per month on their blog, social media, and/or newsletter. Of course, the more shares the merrier. Share your hearts out.


  Your story does not need its own cover for the anthology.
Each anthology story will have its own title page created by BookMojo to match the anthology branding. No individual covers will be used within the anthology. However, if you have an individual cover for your story, you’re welcome to use it in your promotion of the anthology. BookMojo will happily send you graphics with space for your cover to be added. 

  Your story does not need to be unpublished content.
This anthology does not require that your story be brand new, never-before-seen content. However, please read down to the next item.

  Your story does not need to be exclusive to the anthology.
While it’s not required that your story be exclusive to the anthology, know that participation in the anthology would violate Kindle Select (Kindle Unlimited) terms of service so your story cannot also be available for sale in that program.

  Your story does not need to be formatted for retail presentation.
Please know that all stories submitted will be formatted to match the branding of the anthology. This includes chapter headings and ornamental dividers so if your story already has that type of formatting, it will be removed. 


February 1 – April 30, 2023

March 1 – May 31, 2023

  • Paranormal Women’s Fiction or Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Registration)
  • Modus Operandi: International Thriller, Political Thriller, Religious Thriller, or Psychological Thriller (Registration)
  • Cozies, Cozy Mystery, or Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Registration)
  • Paranormal Fantasy or Paranormal Romance Starring Gods and Goddesses (Registration)
  • Science Fiction Romance, SFR, or Alien Romance (Registration)

April 1 – June 30, 2023



Once complete, the promotional materials folder will contain plain text posting materials with pre-typed social media posts, a premade HTML blog post, and promotional graphics for sharing. All promotional graphics are created in 300dpi high definition format for the best quality possible.

Promo Graphics Included:

✔  1080px Square (for Instagram)
✔  800w x 500h Rectangle (for Facebook or Twitter)
✔  500px Square (for Facebook)
✔  820w x 315h (for Facebook Page Cover Photo)
✔  1640w x 856h (for Facebook Group Cover Photo)
✔  1500w x 500h (for Twitter Header)
✔  1000w x 400h (for Bookfunnel Header)
✔  665w x 1080h (for Newsletter Poster)
✔  3D Ereader Rendering Laying Flat
✔  3D Ereader Rendering Standing With a Shadow
✔  3D Ereader Rendering Standing With a Shadow & Reflection


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