REVIEW: Ghost Of A Whisper: Betty Boo Series #2 by Beth Dolgner (@BethDolgner)

Life is good for Betty “Boo” Boorman. Things are going great with her demon boyfriend Maxwell, and her paranormal investigation team is busier than ever as Halloween approaches. But things go to hell–literally–when Maxwell is banished by a demon hunter. As Betty tries to cope with her grief, another demon enters her life, and he offers her a deal: Betty’s soul for Maxwell’s rescue. Time is running out for Betty to make a decision, and the ghosts of Savannah, Georgia, aren’t making the task any easier. Cryptic messages from the ghost of a little girl seem to be directed at Betty, but are they a warning or a plea for help?
We are back with Betty and the whole Savannah Spirit Seekers bunch.  After reading Ghost of a Threat (book one in the series), I was totally hooked and just had to keep going with the series…and I was not disappointed!
Ghost of a Whisper is another non-stop adventure for the group.  From the first page to the last, there is always something going on.  I warn you.  Some of it WILL make you cry.  I mean CRY.  Full-on, sobbing tears, 3 boxes of tissues kind of cry.  However, it makes for a GREAT storyline. 
As I said in my review of Ghost of a Threat, one of the best things about this series is the bonded friendship that this group has.   I felt that the first book displayed that thoroughly.  Ghost of a Whisper makes Ghost of a Threat look like the characters hated each other.  There are even several friendship ties that are REALLY put to the test in this installment.  We find out who is and isn’t a true friend to Betty. 
With some pretty hard core twists and turns, Ghost of a Whisper takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that you won’t soon forget!  One minute you are experiencing Betty’s elation and the next minute…yup, you guessed it.  TISSUES.  Lots of tissues.  This book also gives a real sense of mixed emotion when Betty is faced with an unbelievably difficult choice.
And a spoiler without being a spoiler – the last 4 sentences of this book will make you gasp so hard that you almost choke right there on the spot.  Bible.  Now, don’t cheat!  Read the book all the way through or you totally will NOT get the full effect.  
Once again, Beth Dolgner spins a very well written mystery.  I am greatly anticipating the next book in the series!  According to an inside informant of mine (the author *wink wink*), we should be seeing the third installment (Ghost of a Memory is the title according to a recent Tweet by Beth) sometime in mid-March. 
I give Ghost of a Whisper 5 stars!!  I can not wait for the 3rd installment!!
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