Are you interested in being a book review for Pure Textuality PR? We are currently accepting applications for new reviewers!

PLEASE NOTE: Being a review for Pure Textuality PR means actually blogging for Pure Textuality PR. We are a 100% indie/self-published friendly blog here. However, we do not want bloggers who only join the team to get free promotion for their own books. We have very budget friendly products for that.


Applicants must be willing to commit to 2 reviews per month. The reviewer is welcome to do as many as they’d like, but we ask for a minimum of 2 monthly.

We get upwards of 500 review requests every single month on PTPR, both indie and traditionally published. Obviously, we only read what we want to or what interests us. Review requests are gone through about once a week. Any review requests which meet our review policy guidelines are then sent out to the review team. You are not at all obligated to read the requests I send out. You can read and review basically anything you want, whether it is received from me or not. The only thing we ask is NO RELIGION AND NO POLITICS. You are welcome to review memoirs, but Jena reserves the right to deny posting the review if it is a memoir from an extremist (i.e. someone who likes to murder puppies, religious fanatics, etc) or something like that.

We’ve always had a large team of reviewers. That’s a lot of different opinions. Since every reader walks away from a book having had a different experience, we are 100% okay with multiple reviewers submitting reviews for the same title. So, if you want to do a review and you see that someone else has already reviewed it, fret not. You’re welcome to still submit it and I will still post it.

Pure Textuality PR is 100% against ebook piracy and Jena has adopted a zero-tolerance policy. If she finds out one of the PTPR reviewers is supplying review copies given to Pure Textuality PR to the public, she will remove them and all of their reviews from PTPR, and she will post something publicly about the incident to warn fellow bloggers and authors. This may sound harsh, but this is not something which will be tolerated here at PTPR. We love the publishing industry and the only way we (many of the staff are authors) will survive is to be able to do our job and not have people steal from us.

We are all about forging relationships with authors through PTPR. If you already have an established relationship with an author and would like to help promote them on PTPR, we are all for it. Just let us know ahead of time what you’d like to do and when, and Jena will happily to add it to the posting calendar. If an author sends along a thank you note for a review you did (this happens pretty regularly), Jena will pass the info along to you. We try to keep our reviewers as involved as possible.

As stated above, we get a ton of review requests every month, so those ARC’s are available to you. If there’s an ARC you’d like to request (Big Six, Small Press, or Indie), please let Jena know ahead of time, and she will request it for you. Publishers are using NetGalley and Edelweiss eARC’s a lot now, so just know that your ARC may not always be a physical copy. If you are not currently set up on NetGalley or Edelweiss, fear not, we can fix that. 😉 Jena is always willing to go to bat for the review team, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Pure Textuality PR no longer does ratings on books. There is a big long reason for this which can be found by visiting the ‘no ratings’ sign on the Review Policy page. When writing your review, we ask that your review contain three sections: What I Liked, What I Didn’t Like, Who I Would Recommend It To. You’re welcome to type more than that for your review, we just ask that those points be touched on. Your review doesn’t need to actually be frameworked with those sections, as long as those elements are part of what make up your review, I am happy. If it is easier for your to framework your review with the sections, by all means!

Just try not to sling the almost always offensive C-word. lol

As far as I know, PTPR has only ever posted 2 reviews containing spoilers. If you MUST have a spoiler in your review, please let Jena know so she can put warning markers in. We believe a review should be an intelligent discussion of the book. It shouldn’t be a summary of the book that makes it so the reader no longer needs to read it. They’re reviews, not book reports.

We do not screen reviews for authors on PTPR. What we promise is a fair and honest review. If you didn’t like a book, whether or not you review it is up to you. Just be respectful if you choose to post a review. We don’t post tear-down pieces on PTPR and the review should ALWAYS be about the book, and never about the author as a person. We don’t tolerate author bullying either, so ragging about an author you think is a great, big a-hole and disguising it as a book review is not cool. Jena strongly feels that our review format allows a reviewer to respectfully state their case on how they felt about the book, but still allows the readers to make up their mind as to whether or not they want to buy the book.

Occasionally, PTPR is asked if it is alright to use a quote from one of our reviews in a book. ALL REVIEWS POSTED TO PTPR BELONG TO PTPR. Therefore, it’s up to Jena. She has never said no, and she will always let the reviewer know if one of their reviews is chosen for a jacket quote. She just wants to know what we have out there for quotes, that’s all. She also needs to make sure we never get misquoted.

All reviews posted on PTPR are posted to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. It is up to the reviewer who wrote the review to also post it to Amazon and/or Goodreads. That way, the review on those other sites are in your name.

Most of our promo is done via Twitter. All reviews get posted with the reviewer’s Twitter name and the author’s Twitter name in the title. That way, both parties receive the link to the review in their @Mentions. If the reviewer and/or author doesn’t have a Twitter, or Jena cant find it when building the post, it doesn’t get included. If you don’t use Twitter and have no interest in using Twitter, don’t worry about it. Having one is not a requirement. If you don’t have a Twitter and want to get started, Jena has created a document called Twitter For Dummies (can be supplied upon request). TFD is a simple guide on how to use Twitter, but if there are any questions you need help with, Jena is always available.

Fill out the form below to apply and someone will get back to you in approximately 24-48 hours. All information collected will be treated as personal and confidential and will not be release or distributed in any way, shape, or form by Pure Textuality PR or any of our affiliated websites.