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Henry Sloane is the epitome of Manhattan. Born into a wealthy family, he’s only known success. So when an online video creates waves on social media and damages the integrity of his business, he’ll stop at nothing to find the person trying to bring down his empire. In his quest for the truth, he finds an unlikely adversary in his new employee, Hannah. But when Henry catches Hannah in a lie, he must consider that she might be like all the other women he’s ever dated. A liar.

Hannah O’Keefe is used to working hard for what she needs. Raw talent and perseverance may have helped her succeed at school, but they didn’t prepare her for the politics that come into play in the real world. When she lands a three-month contract at Evans, Roth and Sloane, she must learn to fit in with high society, even if it means fabricating lies about her life outside of work. After a video goes viral that could cost Hannah her job, she’s offered an opportunity to make things right. It just means lying to the CEO and hoping he doesn’t find out the answers to all his questions are right in front of him. As Hannah and Henry grow closer, her web of lies starts to unravel. Hannah is faced with losing more than just her job, she might also lose Manhattan.






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