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ModernElektra Editing
Jenn Waterman

Ink It Out Editing Services
Chelly Peeler

Inspired Ink Editing
Tammy Salyer

The Editing Maven
Nadine Winningham

J. Blades Edits
Jadi Blades

Professional Beta Readers

Brandy Dorsch
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Quote & Teaser Service Also Available


The Madd Formatter
A BookMojo Partner

Photogs & Models

Golden Czermak

Kruse Images & Photography
Shauna Kruse

R+M Photography
Reggie Deanching

DISCLAIMER: 3rd Party Service Providers

DISCLAIMER: None of the service providers listed paid a fee to be listed. Additionally, none of the service providers listed are affiliated with BookMojo in any way other than us trying to help out by networking them with potential clients. BookMojo does not earn any sort of finder’s fee should you choose to take your business to one of these providers, nor are we responsible in any way for transactions which take place between you and said service providers.

PR Ninja Package for Authors
Unlimited PA & PR Services

Have a heavy release schedule coming up? Or maybe you’re just ready to go on a promotion binge in an attempt to boost sales of your back list. BookMojo is now offering the PR Ninja package for just such circumstances.  With this package, you have unlimited use of our PR services.

Want a more detailed explanation of what’s included? 
What We Do 
What We Won’t Do

At this time, we are currently accepting clients who write urban fantasy, paranormal romance (including RH/WhyChoose), dark contemporary romance (including RH/WhyChoose), or steamy contemporary romance (including RH/WhyChoose). If your genre is not listed, please check back at another time.

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PR Titan Package for Imprints
Unlimited PR Services

Have a heavy release schedule coming up? Or maybe you’re just ready to go on a promotion binge in an attempt to boost sales of your back list. BookMojo is now offering the PR Titan package for just such circumstances.  With this package, you have unlimited use of our PR services.

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Newsletter Ninja Package
Planning & Growth

The most valuable tool in any writer’s arsenal is a mailing list. It’s a captive audience that is there specifically for you and your books. However, your mailing list database is only valuable if you have an engaging newsletter with a consistent sending schedule and regular pruning of inactive subscribers. BookMojo now offers a package specifically to help you grow your newsletter audience with active readers, craft a professional newsletter, network with authors within your genre, and sell your books.

The Newsletter Ninja package includes:

  • Structured Planning of Content
  • Creation & Management of Automations
  • Organizing and Scheduling of Newsletter Swaps
  • Custom Branding Graphics
  • Mailing List Growth Using a Newsletter Magnet Story or Giveaway
  • Regular Pruning & Scrubbing of Your Mailing List

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1-Day Newsletter Features

Want your book featured in front of our newsletter audience?  We’re now offering newsletter features!  Each newsletter has a main feature title, a supporting feature title, and any free book or discount book promotions BookMojo is managing. Main Feature authors are allowed to include a giveaway or additional book as a freebie download (i.e. Instafreebie, BookFunnel, newsletter subscribe magnet, etc.).  If your book is part of a series, the email features the title in question, but the entire series link is included in the newsletter.

NEW! Main Feature + NL Poster Graphic Option
We create a high definition newsletter poster (in place of our usual 3D ereader) and you get a copy for your own use in the future! See below for details and examples.

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PA Services

Do you find yourself wishing you had an extra set of hands? Wishing there were more hours in a day?  BookMojo now offers full and part-time virtual personal assistance at affordable rates.

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Blitzes & Cover Reveals

A Book Blitz is a good way to announce a new release, cover reveal, spread the news of a pricing sale, or just drum up buzz for an older title.  However, a Book Blitz can be used to promote a multitude of other things.

  • Promote A Giveaway to Build Your Newsletter List*
  • Promote A Giveaway to Build Your BookBub or Amazon Following*
  • Promote A Kindle Countdown Deal or Free Day
  • Promote a Collaborative Event (i.e. Boxed Set Launch, Newsletter Builder Promo, etc.)
  • Promote a Book-Related Crowdfunding Effort (i.e. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Patreon, etc.)

If it’s book related, we can use a Book Blitz to promote it.

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Audiobook Proofing

BookMojo now offers audiobook proofing services. For $15 per finished hour plus documentation time (usually averages about 30-45 minutes but the time varies by the number of errors found), we listen to your audiobook files while reading along to the Kindle version of your book.  Any errors found are documented using a screenshot of the Kindle book text and a description of the error along with the time stamp for where it can be found in the audio file.

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DMCA Sweeps

With our one-time Pirate Sweep service, BookMojo will search your book out on ebook piracy websites and issue Cease and Desist notices on your behalf.

When one of your titles is located on an ebook piracy website, we issue the Cease and Desist notice to the site administrator or report it to the server host depending on availability.  All Pirate Sweeps are tracked and shared with you for 100% transparency and real-time updates. When we issue a Cease and Desist notice, you are blind copied on the email for your own records.

More Information

Blurb Writing & Retooling Service

BookMojo now offers blurb writing services for authors.  We supply you with a catchy 150-200 word count blurb and an accompanying tagline (optional).  Each blurb includes keywords pertinent to your book to hook both the reader and search engines.  When you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter with a link to our book summary questionnaire.  Your answers will provide us with all the information we need to write you an effective and compelling blurb.

More Information

WordPress Website Design

BookMojo is proud to announce we are now offering builds. Whether you have an existing WordPress blog that just needs to be freshened up, or you have never set one up before, we can help.

Whether you want a 3-page website or a 30-page website, the cost is a budget-friendly flat fee. Regardless of how many hours it takes or how many revisions we need to do, we will strive to get your website where you want it.

This service is meant for those who would like a professional-looking website but don’t have the time, money, or know-how to get one up and running.

Once the website is built, 100% of the control is turned over to you, and BookMojo is on call to help with any questions you may have. We get you up and running and then teach you how to manage your site yourself!

Based upon approval of the first design incarnation, our maximum turnaround time is 7 days. However, due to the number of requested changes, this turnaround time does vary.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like you WordPress website to include plugins, flash, a store, etc., you must have the WordPress Business Plan on your website.

More Information

A+ Content Graphics for KDP

For a while now, formal publishers have been allowed to add images to the From the Publisher section on a book’s Amazon page. Recently, they granted this capability to self-published authors. This can be a great, eye-catching way to spotlight your bookshelf for new readers, even if they don’t go to your Amazon Author Central page. BookMojo now offers custom made A+ Content graphics for your Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard. 

All A+ Content graphics are created to comply with the KDP Content Guidelines. If your graphic is, for some reason, rejected for a guideline violation, we will correct the issue at no additional cost.

More Information

Premade Book Covers

We will customize the cover text for the buyer, including book title, series title, backmatter, and author name. An author logo may also be added to the backmatter at no additional charge. Whether full wrap or ebook cover only, once this design is sold, it will not be sold again. 

More Information

Newsletter Poster Graphic

With newsletters now being recognized as the invaluable tools they are, BookMojo is now offering single title or series newsletter poster graphics. Spotlight a new release or your whole series in one graphic your readers will remember. Files are supplied in for high resolution for distortion-free presentation.

More Information

Newsletter Branding Graphics Package

We will help you design a neat and professional newsletter by providing you with the graphics necessary to send consistent and recognizable emails new readers will remember. We have three packages available, all of which include a header image, a signature image, section headers, and graphics advertising your books.

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