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When one of the artists at the Oak Hill Arts Festival is found dead in his booth, he begins haunting photographs that might hold clues about his murder.

Unfortunately, the clues all seem to point to Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast. Is the artist trying to pin the blame on one of Emily’s guests, or does he want to communicate with the ghosts there? Sage can’t even sense the artist’s spirit, so it’s Emily who must find a way to communicate with it.

The one ghost who’s ready to talk is the one who knows the most about Emily’s late husband Scott. As Kelly’s ghost relays more details, Emily and her friends realize they are facing a powerful force that’s preventing Scott’s ghost from coming home…

PICTURE PERFECT, the third full-length novel in the Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast series by paranormal cozy mystery author Beth Dolgner.

Rel. Date December 1, 2021

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The second novel in the Executioner series by internationally bestselling urban fantasy & paranormal romance author Jena Gregoire.

*Title, Cover, and Blurb Coming Soon!*

Rel. Date To Be Announced