REVIEW by @Fidget78: Demon Song by Cat Adams (@cathyclamp)

In a world where bloodthirsty vampires roam the night and streetcorner psychics have real powers, bodyguard Celia Graves always thought she was an ordinary human—but that was never true.  By ancestry, she’s half-Siren; a vicious vampire attack has turned her into a creature who finds sunlight painful and must take all her food in liquid form—but who still possesses a human heart, mind, and soul. 
Her bodyguard business is booming: who wouldn’t want to be protected by a sexy woman who is half-vampire, half-Siren princess, and a crack shot?  Unfortunately, it looks like Celia may have little time to enjoy her newfound fame . . . .
A rift is opening between the demonic dimension and our own, threatening to set hell’s denizens free (including the demon personally bent on destroying Celia).  Celia’s recent troubles may have given her the unique combination of abilities needed to close the rift.  But to overcome a death curse which nearly guarantees her failure, she’ll need to join forces with people she no longer trusts . . . and put people she cares about directly in harm’s way.
Demon Song is the third entry in the Blood Singer Series by Cat Adams (Cathy Clamp and C. T. Adams)
As with most series being written today, the books in the Blood Singer series should be read in order to be able to follow the story. 
I’ve always enjoyed this duo’s work.  They’ve written the Sazi Series under the Cathy Clamp/C. T. Adams moniker and also The Thrall Trilogy.
This series really caught my imagination.  A bodyguard, Celia Graves, has a trunk full of magical toys and enchanted blades.  It has demons, vampires, sirens, ghosts and mages, oh my!  (Yes, I really thought that and wrote it down.)  The action is nonstop but there’s not a great mystery thing going on.  You know who the bad guys are but what you don’t know is, what’s the fate of the good guys? 
This is not a quick read and not one to skim through.  The authors have lots of characters for you to keep track of and you really should keep that in mind.  The main characters are in all three books so far, in one way or another (I wonder what I mean by that??)
I enjoy that each book in this series has a resolution to the main storyline but you know at the end, another book needs to be written.  In this case, the next book, The Isis Collar, is currently due out on the 13th of March.
Celia is one bad-ass bodyguard.  She takes no crap and not many prisoners.  Her grandmother and her close knit friends are her Achilles heel.  She will protect them at all costs.  She has a love interest or two or maybe it’s three at this point.  After all, she does have some royal siren blood pouring gas on the fire.    As a matter of fact, the guys are just downright HOT and magical.  I wouldn’t want to be in Celia’s shoes if and when she has to choose her guy. 
We learn something new in each book which keeps Celia’s character fresh and interesting.  She is tough when she has to be but her feelings for her family and friends is heart warming.  Celia’s also torn on whether the men in her life really care for her or is it the siren blood making them feel as they do.  There are some unresolved issues in the books, don’t forget them, they may be important later. 
3.5 out of 5 Stars for Demon Song.  I do believer I will reread this book as well as the others in the the Blood Singer Series.
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  1. You are a machine Dolly! The series sounds interesting, I’ll have to add it to my mountain of books to read.

  2. Not really Ginny. I just love books!! You should try their Sazi Series. It’s mostly about shape shifters.

    1. Wanted to pop by on this post and let everyone know that this review was actually responded to and retweeted by the author Cat Adams (@CathyCLamp) this morning. 🙂 Hey reply back on Twitter this morning was “Thanks for the great review! :D”

  3. That was nice wasn’t it? You could have knocked me over with a feather!!

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