REVIEW by @_Shoe_Girl_: Driftwood Cottage by Sherryl Woods

Single mom Heather Donovan’s dreams of home and family are tantalizingly within reach when she settles in Chesapeake Shores. The welcoming arms of the boisterous, loving O’Brien clan embrace her and her son. But accepting their support seems to further alienate her son’s father, Connor O’Brien. His parents’ divorce and his career as a high-powered divorce attorney have left him jaded about marriage.

Then everything changes. Will the possibility of a future without Heather make Connor look at love and his career differently? Heather’s just about given up on her old dreams—of love, of family and especially of Driftwood Cottage, the home she secretly wishes were hers. It’s going to take a lot of persuasion—and some help from the O’Brien family—to make Heather believe that some dreams are worth fighting for.


Sherryl Woods.  Hmmm….what can I say about her?  I first picked up one of her books in my local used bookstore’s “50 Cent Bin” (books w/broken spines, & other misc damaged books).  I LOVED the book, and discovered it was part of a trilogy, so I went back and grabbed the other two books (the Charleston Trilogy).  She’s been a favorite of mine ever since!
That said, I thoroughly enjoy reading her books.  They’re typically, well, a bit predictable but good none the less!  Nice “feel good”, easy reading.  Driftwood Cottage is the 5th book in Sherryl’s Chesapeake Shores series, and is Connor and Heather’s story.  
Heather Donovan and Connor O’Brien have been together for years, unbeknownst to Connor’s family.  They have also had a son that the family knows nothing about, until Heather gets tired of Connor’s cynical views on marriage (they live together/have a baby together, but Connor will NOT marry Heather) and the way he treats his mother.  Fed up, Heather shows up at the O’Brien family home and drops off “Little Mick” saying he needs his father, and leaves the baby with them….and they STILL don’t know who’s baby it is.  Connor’s twin, Kevin THINKS he saw a pregnant woman in Connor’s apartment one time when he stopped by unannounced, so he contacts Connor and confirms the baby is his.  
Eventually Connor quits his job as a high powered divorce attorney, and moves to Chesapeake Shores (the town his family lives in, and practically owns), where Heather has moved and opened up a quilting shop.  As you can guess, there is arguing, a horrible car accident, and then making up.  Happily ever after.
While I typically enjoy this type of story, I found the book a tad TOO “fluffy” for me this time.  Also, the characters ALWAYS use grammatically correct, full sentences.  They NEVER use slang.  Perhaps I’m isolated, but I don’t know too many people that speak in that manner.  Another thing that I find odd….the hobbies.  None of the younger generation go out and “party”.  They may go out to the local bar once in awhile, but none of them go to the clubs with their friends, go hiking, go to concerts, etc.  In Driftwood Cottage, quilting is Heather’s hobby.  Granted, there is nothing wrong with quilting, however how many “young” people do you know that have that as a hobby?
Overall, I’m still a huge
Sherryl Woods fan, and I already have Moonlight Cove and Beach Lane, the next two Chesapeake Shores books.  I will be reading them soon, and hoping that they’re as good as the first couple books in the series!  🙂

 I give this book 3 Heels.

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  1. Karen Correll says:

    Thanks for the review..I have this series ,but haven’t started reading it yet..I enjoy Sheryl’s books and lookiing forward to reading this..

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