REVIEW by @_Shoe_Girl_: The Unseen Series by Richie Tankersley Cusick

I started the review for Richie Tankersley Cusick’s The Unseen series after I read book one (It Begins) and book two (Rest In Peace).  Click here to read reviews for It Begins and Rest in Peace.  I’ll end the review with book three (Blood Brothers) and book four (Sin and Salvation).

Book One:  It Begins
Out walking alone one rainy night, Lucy becomes convinced that someone or something is following her. Spooked, she ducks into a cemetery to try and lose her stalker. Panicking in the darkness, she slips and stumbles into an open grave only to discover she is not alone in there. . . . Lucy manages to escape, but she doesn’t get away unscathed. She begins having terrifying visions and dreams and she still can’t shake the feeling of an unseen presence, always watching, waiting. . . . Who was the girl in the grave? And what has she done to Lucy?
Book Two:  Rest in Peace
Still stalked by an unseen force and plagued by unspeakable visions, Lucy feels she cannot carry on for much longer—especially now that Byron, the one person who understood what she was going through, is dead. No one else believes her. She is still alone. And still in grave danger.

Book Three:  Blood Brothers
Lucy knows there must be something, somewhere, that can tell her why she was chosen to see the terrible visions; why she feels the shadowy presence all around her. But what? Could the explanation lie with the mysterious stranger claiming to be Byron s brother? As Lucy searches desperately for answers, she knows time is running out. Too many people have disappeared or worse and the constant feeling of being surrounded by something truly evil grows stronger each night.
Book three, Blood Brothers.  I think this was my favorite of all four books.  There wasn’t much “filler” that I had to skip over, which is good, because I HATE paying for a book, then having to skim through it.  But anyways! Lucy has to figure out exactly what/who is constantly following her, and attacking people in the town while helping Jared and wondering if she SHOULDN’T be helping him…he showed up out of the blue and wants no one to know he is there.  Who is Jared?  Jared is Byron’s brother that no one knew about.
Book Four: Sin and Salvation
Too many deaths and too many terrifying visions have taken their toll on Lucy Dennison. She wonders if she can trust anyone or anything anymore. In the chilling finale to The Unseen quartet, Lucy comes face-to-face with the force that has turned her life into a waking nightmare. . . . And the ultimate choice must be made: love or life? Sin or salvation? 

In the final installment of the series, Sin and Salvation Lucy has to battle evil once and for all so she can stop more innocent people from getting hurt/killed, and stop what/who is responsible for her “visions”.  She gets quite a shock towards the end, finding out a close friend/confidant is not who she thought they were.  I will say, I had my suspicions as to who the “bad guy” was going to be, and I was part correct/part shocked.  

Overall, the books are supposed to be “a journey into a nightmare so frightening, you’ll have to sleep with a light on.”  Now….I am a WIMP….I don’t watch certain movies/shows that I think will give me nightmares (I STILL jump into bed after shutting lights off and will not sleep with a hand/foot hanging off the bed because of Little Monsters when I was a kid).  That said….this series did NOT scare me one little bit.  It was GOOD, but most definitely not scary.

I give each book, and the series as a whole, 3 Heels.






Thanks again to Heather for the review! Check out her site or follow her on Twitter @_shoe_girl_! The original review for The Unseen series can be found on her site by clicking here!

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