REVIEW by @UrbanFantasyRev: The Demon's Apprentice by Ben Reeder

When 15 year old Chance Fortunato, suddenly finds himself living with his long lost mother and new found little sister Deirdre, it’s like living in a dream he doesn’t want to wake up from. What is all-too-real to him is the 8 years he’s just spent enslaved to the demon Count his father traded him to for power and riches, and the vicious battle he’s just waged to win his freedom. Chance doesn’t get to enjoy his idyllic suburban life for long, though, before the mystical underworld he’s just escaped comes calling. As much as he wishes he could ignore it, Chance knows in his heart that he is the only one who can track down the murderer of his new friend and mentor, Sydney Chomsky. 
Suspected by the police and hunted by the Wizard’s Conclave, Chance quickly learns that he can’t go it alone as he discovers dark secrets in every corner of his new life. Only an unlikely alliance with Alexis Cooper, head cheerleader and most popular girl in school, can help him survive the confrontation with an unexpected foe. To bring his mentor’s killer to justice, Chance will have to fight evil on its own terms, and discover if that makes him a hero…or a monster.
 I got a copy of  The Demon’s Apprentice from Read2Review on Goodreads, and it seems they may turn me into a fan of YA yet.  First of all thanks to them and Ben Reeder for allowing us book addicts a chance to read it.  I have said before that I don’t usually like YA, but this book was…really really good, I couldn’t put it down.  Chance is a 15 yr old kid who had been sold to the demon Dulka at age 7 by his father.  He manages to break the demon’s hold over him and goes to live with his mother and little sister he had previously never met.  He tries to settle in and live as a normal 15 yr old in the suburbs but that doesn’t work out so well for him.  When a teacher at school is murdered and it’s apparent that it was done by something supernatural Chance takes it upon himself to try and solve this case and then things start to get hairy.

First off and I have to say it, there are many similarities between this and the early Harry Dresden novels.  A council of wizards who think you’re
evil and want to kill you…check, Horus gaze and Soul gaze…check.  A wizard who does bad things for the greater good…check.  That’s not
something that necessarily bothered me but it was definitely something I noticed while reading.  Chance has to be the most pitiable yet endearing characters I have read in ages.  I had to remind myself constantly that this kid was 15 and not an adult, missing was the annoying teenage angst that I hate in YA.  This kid had a truly shitty life yet still always tries to do the right thing and protect those he loves and because of his past he just can’t see himself as a good person.  The friends Chance makes are also intriguing and believable in their own right and stick with him throughout all his battles with the monsters, while showing him what “normal” looks like.

The plot moves along at a good pace and if you like action there is none lacking here.  Mr Reeder does as well with action as he does with the
characters, the fight scenes make you feel like you’re right there feeling every hit.  From his escape from the demon Dulka to the final showdown you are engaged.  I hope this series continues as I really enjoyed it and will happily grab the next  installment.
4.5 stars! I couldn’t put it down.
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  1. You had me at “First off and I have to say it, there are many similarities between this and the early Harry Dresden novels.”

  2. boomergrl49 says:

    me too, I love the Dresden Files books!

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